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Episode 317 – Hair!?!?!?

Welcome back to Northern Knits Podcast, where we’re diving into another episode filled with fiber craft goodness! Diana seems to be having a bit of a battle with her hair, but she hasn’t let that stop her from working on a variety of projects, including the Spring Valley Bandeau, some cozy socks for her dad, and even a swatch to test out knitted QR codes. Meanwhile, Jocelyn has been busy with her own assortment of projects, including the Mallow Cardigan, Snowglobe Socks, and a granny square coffee table cover. With plenty of chatter about all things fiber craft, including tips, techniques, and new patterns, this episode is sure to keep you entertained and inspired. So sit back, grab your knitting or crochet project of choice, and join us for another episode of Northern Knits Podcast! (And don’t worry, we’ll try to keep the hair arguments to a minimum.)

Patterns we mention:

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