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Episode 125 – Triple the Trouble

Hello lovelies, Jocelyn was left in charge so you know the ramble quota is high.
Check out the show notes below!

What’s In Our Cup

Jocelyns enjoying a cup of BlackBerry sage from the republic of tea.
Chantel is enjoying a cup of sea buckthorn cherry iced!
Terri is having a cup of creamy vanilla from twinings

Woolly Workings

Jocelyn has finished her twin it up shawl and continues her work on the self stripping socks, the doodler. She also finished her endless summer shawl the pattern is now live on ravelry!
Chantel brought her finished comfort fade cardi to show off and has started her sports shorts from Stephen west.
Terri also brought her finished comfort fade cardi, northern radiance, and my 1st sweater to showcase this week. She is currently working on her fancy smancy test knit for the Cozyup Knits ladies and her Christmas tree sweater.

Sew Little Time

Terri has some lining to sew now that she has finished knitting up her cute new purse (cable knit purse by Aikarin)
Chantel showed off her fantastic project bags shes now selling on shopify.
Jocelyn has continued work on her home made house plans with the creation of sweater bags to store her handmade sweater out of season safety.

Wool Gathering

Patreon updates

No matter were your week takes you don’t forget to knit!

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