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Episode 109 – Inner Transit Queen

What’s in Our Cup

Cool Threads



Woolly Workings



Yarn on the Go

Diana had a volunteer meeting for the Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge. We also had Knit Club this week.

Spinning Yarns

Diana has been spinning singles from her Eye of Jupiter braid from Hillori’s Magical Yarnorium on her Electric Eel Wheel.

Sew Little Time

Jocelyn has been working through her mending pile.

Wool Gathering

For 2 weeks in May we will be taking a vacation and posting some pre-recorded vlogs on YouTube in place of the weekly podcast. These will not be released to audio as they are not actually episodes.



Spring Cotton Craft-Along – March 20 – June 21. Co-hosted by The Corner of Knit and Tea. Knit, crochet, or sew a spring garment, preferably out of cotton or linen. #springcottoncal

Little Britain Spring Fibre Festival – May 4

Blue Hills Fibre Festival – June 9

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Diana can be found on Ravelry as wool-rat and on Twitter as @artemis_134.

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