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Episode 108 – That’s Aspensive

What’s in Our Cup

Cool Threads



Woolly Workings



Fibre Flubs

Diana learned to fix mis-crossed cables on her Celtic Myths, and also discovered she doesn’t have enough yarn for the Lamb Hat, so it’s going to become a lamb toy instead.

Yarn on the Go

Diana took a trip out to Brandon to see her brother’s final piano recital (he’s getting a music performance degree) and Jocelyn went to the doctor and to Knit ‘n Nosh at Across the Board.

Wool Gathering

For 2 weeks in May we will be taking a vacation and posting some pre-recorded vlogs on YouTube in place of the weekly podcast. These will not be released to audio as they are not actually episodes.



Spring Cotton Craft-Along – March 20 – June 21. Co-hosted by The Corner of Knit and Tea. Knit, crochet, or sew a spring garment, preferably out of cotton or linen. #springcottoncal

Little Britain Spring Fibre Festival – May 4

Blue Hills Fibre Festival – June 9

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