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Episode 71 – Gazebo Cathedrals

What’s in Our Cup

Jocelyn has Peppermint Detox from Amsterdam Tea Room. Diana has White Chocolate Mocha from Stash.

Woolly Workings



  • Wedding Shawl by Susan Pandorf out of Forever Yarn 100% Lamb’s Wool and stitch markers from String Bling (cari_b22[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca)

Dragon Fibre Bags

Full Metal Panic!

Convenience Store Boy Friends

Fruits Basket

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

Fibre Flubs

Diana got the center stitch wrong on her wedding shawl, 28 repeats around. Also, some twisted decreases are definitely twisted incorrectly.

Jocelyn had to restart the Dragon’s Rest Shawl due to incorrect short rows when starting the fingers.

Yarn on the Go

Diana went out to the lake. She also gave a lightning talk (3 minute speech) about the craft club she started at work, in front of the whole company.

Jocelyn went to Knit ‘n Nosh at Across the Board.

Sew Little Time

Jocelyn continues work on the cosplay coats. The deadline is fast approaching!


#acrosstheprairiesKAL – We’re knitting the Exploration Station along with CozyUp Knits PodcastFeather Stitches Podcast, and A Tale of Two Knitters Podcast

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Summer Fibre Fest – July 28 at Little Britain United Church in Lockport, MB

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