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Episode 10 – We Are Moving Quietly

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What’s in our Cups

Diana is drinking Green Carrot cold pressed juice in the flavour Eye ♥ GC. Jocelyn has Summer Berry and Eye ♥ GC, plus we both have flash cold brew vanilla bean coffee from Second Cup.

Woolly Workings

Diana has been working on the Textured Triangle Shawl by Marly Bird out of Red Heart Soft Classic in Dark Leaf and Wheat, the Bellrose Shawl by Martina Behm out of Sheep En Soie in Remembering Rose (this is the first Strickmich! Club package of the year), and her dad’s Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks out of Supersocke 4-fach in Forest Color.

Jocelyn has been working on the Textured Triangle Shawl by Marly Bird out of Red Heart Soft Essentials in White, the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West out of Bernat Premium in Teal, the Stormy Sky Shawl by Life is Cozy out of Ancient Arts in Really Seriously Annoyed Grapes, 365 Days of Granny Squares, the Happy Hands Fingerless Mitts by The Craft Patch out of Lana Gatto Canton,  and dishcloths out of worsted weight mystery cotton.

Non-theoretical Spinning

Diana turned on her Electric Eel Wheel 5 for the first time and did some spinning. She mentions The Device.

Fiber Flubs

Jocelyn was saved by a lifeline. She also knit some things that should have been purled.

Diana can’t do simple math. It resulted in some tinking.

Rediscovered Projects

Diana unearthed some old UFO’s. The Game of Thrones Shawl MKAL from 2014, the Celtic Myths Shawl KAL from 2016, a giant bag of yarn for an unstarted C2C blanket, the Distinction Shawl, all the finished 365 Days of Granny Squares so far plus some yarn intended for the project, a scarf my grandmother knit for my mother that needs some repairs, and her hand knit socks that also need a small repair.

Jocelyn mentions the Pussy Hat.

Sew Little Time

Jocelyn’s sewing machine is unhappy. She’s been doing hand mending instead.

Yarn on the Go

Diana broke her oath not to buy any more yarn while at the Shibui Yarn Party at Wolseley Wool with Jocelyn. They gush over the really amazing (and really expensive) yarns.

Diana bought some Berroco Summer Silk, Handmaiden Flyss, and Amano Mamacha.

Jocelyn bought some Hedgehog Fibres Sock, Berroco Modern Cotton, and Berroco Summer Silk.

Jocelyn mentions the Nostalgia Shawl by Elena Nodel.

What Our Podcasting is Teaching Us

All the things we’ve learned so far in 10 episodes. We mention The Knitmore Girls Podcast.


Red Heart Textured Triangle Shawl KAL – May 1

World Wide Knit in Public Day, June 10.

Stash Dash (that’s the 2016 page), May 26. Jocelyn wants to go for 5K, Diana a more introductory 3K. (here’s a video where The Knit Girllls explain the rules for 2016)

Ai-Kon – July 21-23

Diana is going to BSides (July 25-26) and DefCon (July 27-30).

Manitoba Fiber Festival, September 15-16.

C4 – October 27-29

Diana mentions Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium.


We review the Nova Platina needles by Knitter’s Pride. We really like them!

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