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Episode 8 – Apology Tea

[Archived to YouTube]

What’s in Our Cups

Jocelyn has apology tea, Teavana’s Passion Tango iced tea. Diana was drinking poorly made Nabob Guatemala but replaced it with a cappuccino from Little Sister Coffee Maker.

Cool Threads

Diana’s mom wore really old fingerless gloves, bamboo socks, and Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts.

Jocelyn’s niece wore her Rainbow Scarf.

Diana wore her Lindsay Slouch and Rainbowside Shawl.

Woolly Workings

Diana has been working on 365 Granny Squares, her dad’s socks, and the Bellrose Shawl. She wound yarn for the Distinction Shawl, and washed and blocked the swatch for the Wedding Shawl. She mentions #30daysofhairstyles on Instagram.

Jocelyn has been working on 365 Granny Squares, the Boneyard Shawl, and Happy Hands Fingerless Mitts.

Jocelyn has finished finished finished the Coffee Shop Wrap and Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth. She mentions the Nova Platina needles.

Yarn on the Go

Jocelyn took her Coffee Shop Wrap (in progress) to her doctor’s appointment, and out shopping and to the library. She mentions the Stash2Go app.

Diana took her sock to the Assiniboine Park Conservatory to book her wedding venue. She also learned that she can walk and do basic knitting.

Theoretical Spinning

Diana finally got her Electric Eel Wheel 5! She mentions the Jupiter’s Eye roving from Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium.

Fiber Flubs

Diana missed 4 stitches on one of her 365 Squares.


We went to a yarn tasting/Amano trunk show at our LYS, Wolsley Wool. Diana mentions the other LYS, Ram Wools. Jocelyn mentions Hedgehog Fibres, Ancient Arts, and Addi EasyKnit needles. Diana mentions the Karbonz and Cubics needles. They mention the amazing Summer Silk yarn and Wollmeise. Jocelyn really liked the Apu yarn. Jocelyn bought some Really Seriously Annoyed Grapes.

Jocelyn is going to talk to some school kids about visual impairment.

Red Heart Textured Triangle Shawl KAL – May 1

Stash Dash (that’s the 2016 page), May 27-August 15? Jocelyn wants to go for 5K, Diana a more introductory 3K.

World Wide Knit in Public Day, June 10.

Ai-Kon – July 21-23

Diana is going to BSides (July 25-26) and DefCon (July 27-30).

Manitoba Fiber Festival, September 15-16.

C4 – October 27-29

Book Review

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting by Lorna Miser.

Diana is planning to stream some knitting at

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