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Episode 6 – Cooking with Oil

[Archived to YouTube]

What’s in Our Cups?

Diana has coffee from Little Sister Coffee Maker. Jocelyn has lemon ginger Yerba Mate tea from Mate Factor, available at Vita Health.

Cool Threads

Diana wore her Lindsay Slouch and Rainbowside Shawl to her job interview. Her mom was wearing her socks and fingerless gloves during a visit.

PHD Works

Diana has been working on the Bellrose Shawl and her dad’s socks.

Jocelyn finished the Misti Diagonal Rib Shawl. She has been working on 365 Days of Granny Squares, the Boneyard Shawl, the Coffee Shop Wrap, a (frogged) dishcloth, and the Distinction Shawl.

Yarn on the Go

Diana sent and received yarn for the Reddit Yarn Exchange.

Jocelyn has been compiling patterns for gift knitting, and eyeballing a joint Miss Babs order.

Theoretical Spinning

Diana’s spinning wheel (Electric Eel Wheel 5) has crossed the border into Canada.

Sew Little Time

Jocelyn has been organizing and cutting fabric for bags to sell in her eventual Etsy shop.


Diana briefly mentions #30daysofhairstyles, totally unrelated to yarn.

Stash Dash (that’s the 2016 page), May 27-August 20? Jocelyn wants to go for 5K, Diana a more introductory 3K.

Red Heart Textured Triangle Shawl KAL – May 1

World Wide Knit in Public Day, June 19.

Ai-Kon – July 21-23

C4 – October 27-29

Diana is going to BSides (July 25-26) and DefCon (July 27-30).

Manitoba Fiber Festival, September 15-16.

Book Review

Reclaimed: Autumn 2013 Collection by Knit Picks, from Diana’s personal collection.

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